Lisbon Airport to Cascais Transfer

Cascais is very well located. It lays by the Atlantic Ocean with pretty and clean shore. There are amazing beaches along the coastline. It is located on the West side of Portugal. When it comes to the number of citizens, it is quite big, because the whole district of Cascais has around 170 000 citizens. The area of this district is about 99 km². To get here from Lisbon Airport you have to cover the distance of around 35 kilemeters which means that you should get here in about 40 minutes. Obviously, it is applicable if you are travelling by car, because travelling on a different way may take you much longer. For example you would have to change at least once on the way to get there and still you would have to walk to your hotel in Cascais from the bus or train station. That is why, we recommend you to book yourself a private airport transfer with our company, because we are able to get you directly to the given address in the fastest and most convenient way. All of our drivers are English speaking and they are very helpful and communicative which means that you will have a pleasant and safe journey with them. The Cascais is also one of the richest districts in Lisbon which means that it has an amazing infrastructure and facilities when it comes to the tourism, so you will definitely enjoy your stay in here. What is more, it is also very good for practising sport. There is a lot of sport facilities in here as well. For example, there is a possibility to rent a bike for free which will allow you to ride along the coastline and admire what the city has to offer. Also the tourist information is very well organized and you can find the first big office just 200 meters from the station, so you will never get lost.

Lisbon Airport Car Rental vs. Shuttle Service

There is always a possibility to travel with your own car or a rented one. However, it is always better when you have a driver in a foreign place. First of all, you will not get lost in that kind of situation when you have someone who is able to drive you wherever you want and he knows the shortcuts which you would never ever been able to find. Also, if you want to cover the long distance, you will not be tired after finally getting there. It is important, because you need to have the strength and power to go and do some sightseeing afterwards. That is why, booking a private airport transfer with us is still a better option.

Lisbon Airport Departures

When you are done with your holiday, the sad moment of departure is coming. Often it is the most stressfull moment of the whole vacation. First of all, you need to get to the airport. You already have spent all your money, so want this to be cheap. What is more, you have to get to the plane on time to check in, because you definitely do not want to miss the flight. How to deal with all that pressure? It is simple. Book yourself a private airport transportation with our company and you will know upfront how much money to save up for the return journey. You will also be sure that you will be on time, because we are always punctual.

Taxi Fare From Lisbon Airport To Cascais

It is very hard to say, how much does the taxi from Lisbon Airport to Cascais costs. There are different taxi companies and there are different taxi drivers which are not always charging you a fair rate. With our company you will always get a fixed price which means that no matter if there is a traffic or if there is a need to use a different road which might have a few kilometers more to cover, you will be always paying the same amount of 50 EUR. We think it is a fair solution and you know the price upfront, so you will not be surprised with the figure on the receipt at the end of your journey.

*Price for whole group per run: Transfers between 11pm and 6am will be charged the night-time fare - additional 30% per ride.