Lisbon Airport to Evora Transfer

Evora is one of those cities in Portugal which have a great historical significance . The city center is places on a UNESCO World Heritage List. Portugal has many of sights which are listed there which makes it a very interesting country when it comes to the architectural attractions. That is a definately country to visit for those who are interested in that type of things. Evora does not have access to the ocean, because it is placed nearly in the middle of the country. However, it is still a great place to visit. For example, if you want to spend your holiday next to the ocean, you are able to come to Evora just for a day or two, to have a break from sunbathing and to enjoy this wonderful and magnificent city. Our company is able to help with that. We are providing private airport transfers, which means that we can take you with a comfortable car to Evora. It does not have to be necessarily from the airport, because we can also pick you up from your hotel in the city. If you are arriving to the airport we will send our driver to await for you at the arrivals hall. He will also cary a welcome board with your name written on it, so you will be able to recognize him easily. Then, he will assist you to the car and drive you directly to the address given. Evora is placed around 130 kilometers from the Lisbon Airport which means that the journey should take you around 1 hours 20 minutes. Obviously, it all depends on the traffic and how you are going to cover this distance. We can guarantee that we are always trying to get the customers safely to the aim of their journey. Our drivers are well trained and complete professionals who are English speaking and willing to share information with you.

Lisbon Airport Bus vs. Shuttle Service

It is not a mystery, that there are also different ways of travelling from the Lisbon Airport to the object of your interest except of our private airport transfers. However, they are not better than our service when it comes to the comofrt and time. Shuttle buses are not as fast as having a private airport transfer. It is also very important for the customer not to waste their holiday time, because why bother driving long hours on a shuttle bus, when you can simply book a private airport transportation with our company and drive safely without worrying about anything. Also the cars are comfortable which is another advantage of our services.

Rent a Car at Lisbon Airport

Another solution for travelling from Lisbon Airport to Evora is renting a car. However, it is also not the best solution, because not everybody knows Portugal and how to behave on the roads. That can lead to many problems and delays if you will get lost on your way. Driving in a foreign country if you do not know where to go, can be really stressful and stress is definitely not a feeling which you would like to feel during your holiday. That is why, we again recommend you to book a private airport transportation with our company, because we can prove you that this is the best choice possible.

Lisbon Airport Metro

Travelling through Lisbon can also be a problem for some people. The metro is a great solution for those who want to travel fast from one point to another. However, it is not the most convenient one. Metro might be sometimes crowded during the peak hours. The whole metro has 39 kilometers and it is divided into four lines. There is 46 metro stations in total. It has quite a history already, because it was opened in 1959 after 4 years of building.

*Price for whole group per run: Transfers between 11pm and 6am will be charged the night-time fare - additional 30% per ride.