Lisbon Airport to Sintra Transfer

Sintra is another great city in Portugal which should be on top of your must see in Portugal list. This little city with less than 10 000 of citizens can astonish you with its attractions, because there is plenty of them in here to be found. There are a very significant historical sights with a strong and valuable meaning. On this list you are able to find such beauties as Castle of the Moors which is located on a hilltop from which you can admire a great panoramic view of the historic city of Sintra. That ancient castle was built in 8th century which makes it pretty old. It is still well maintained with a lot of parts to be admired by tourists. Due to its location it was an important strategic point in the past. What makes a great impression on tourists are also the walls of the castle which are still in a good shape. The castle is placed on a UNESCO World Heritage List, but it is not the only thing on this list which can be found in the city of Sintra. Also the Pena National Palace is placed on that prestigious list. It is famous for its colourful walls. It is not able to miss this while passing it by. It is also placed on a hill which makes it look spectacular from the lower parts of the city. Obviously, those are not the only sights of the city of Sintra. There is much more there to be found and you sure will like it, because it is amazing piece of work. We are able to take you there from Lisbon Airport by offering you a private airport transfer services. It is just about 28 kilometers from the airport which means that we can take you there in about 30 minutes.

Lisbon Airport Arrivals

When arriving to the Lisbon Airport,  the first thing which you have in mind is getting out of there as soon as possible, so you can start your holiday in your hotel or apartment which you have booked. If you were smart enough, you have also booked your airport transfer with us, which means that you will meet our friendly driver at the airport with your name on a welcome board. With him you will walk to the car and sit comfortably inside. He will drive you safely directly to your hotel. On the way you can talk with him about what is interesting to see in the area or you can talk with him about anything you want. They all speak fluent English.

Lisbon Airport Shuttle Bus

Some companies are offering so called shuttle buses from Lisbon Airport to particular cities. We just want to let you know that they are not the fastest ways of getting to your destination. They are often waiting till the bus is full, which means that you may have to wait till another plane lands and people from it get to the bus. That may take some time. What is more, the bus often goes through few cities which means that it is not going to be faster than a public bus. That is why, we can proudly call our private airport transfers the most convenient way of travelling from airport to the hotel you have chosen to stay in.

Lisbon Airport Car Hire vs. Shuttle Service

Some people are willing to rent a car in a foreign land to tavel independently. It is fine if they know where they are going and how to behave on a foreign roads. If not, they can waste a lot of time and money on gas before they get to the desired destination. This solution is not for everyone. Why bother and risk covering the payments for damaging the cars if you can easily book a private airport transfer with us, where you will get not only the car, but also the driver who will take care of everything for you.

*Price for whole group per run: Transfers between 11pm and 6am will be charged the night-time fare - additional 30% per ride.