Lisbon Party Guide

Lisbon is famous for it’s architecture, history, climat…and also nightlife. This exceptional mixture of Portuguese fado, Brasilian samba (you will find lots of Brasilian bars here) and international music will make you feel like on the top of the world!
Once you will get to the Lisboa Airport (more info about how to get from/to the airport you will find here), go to your hotel and plan your evening using our tips:

1. Let’s have a good start: have a drink at one of Chiado’s cafes – that is a great meeting point and good opportunity to feel vibration of the city. Cafe no Chiado, Brasileira, Santini or Tartine would be our choice!

2. If it’s your first night in Lisbon you should definetely dine at Bairro Alto — the epicenter of restaurants and bars! Get used to this small, curvy street quickly – that’s the place where you will spend couple of next hours! First about the food: choose one
of the small restaurants offering typical Portuguese food (we love bacalhao!!) or go to one of the most famous spots: Cervejeria Trinidade, Tavares, Bica do Sapato or Alcantra Cafe. Don’t forget to order tasty Portuguese wine!

3. After dinner you should walk around Bairro Alto and find one of bars which suits you the most: there are various places with different music and atmosphere – from Brasilian bars ending up on London-style pubs and punk/rock bars. We falled in love with small bars drived by Brasillian immigrants with live music and really tasty Mojitos and Caipirinhas! Some of them offer 2 for 1 and happy hours — look around carefully!

4. Around 1-2 am nightlife moves down by the river to the Docks of Alcantra and Santos — that’s where are located most fashionable clubs and bars. What you can expect here? international atmosphere and best DJ’s from all over the word – that’s one of the trendiest place to be. Our
favoured clubs are: Bedroom, Op Art and – last but not least – Lux. Lux, owned by John Malkowich has a really cool design — that’s almost a part of sighstseeing as it’s definetely „must see” place in the city1

5. Be careful! Lisbon, although each year it’s getting better, still doesn’t have great reputation. Don’t bring with you all your documents, cameras and money as you can easily loose it somewhere in the bar. Be careful where do you leave your bag, money etc. — it may dissapear from
the table reallly quckly! If you’re on the girls-only trip better take a taxi rather then walk around the docks in the middle of the night! People in Lisbon are really friendly and usually easy going, however you need to remember that BAirro Alto and Docks are still not the safest places on the planet

Enjoy your stay!